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Saturday, 7 September 2013

SYRIA CRISIS: Catholic Patriarch blames Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Obama for Islamist attack on Christian Village

The Melkite Patriarch Gregorious III has forcefully placed the blame for the emboldening of the Al-Quada allied terrorist forces who have presently occupied the Christian village of Maaloula where it belongs: on the perverse foreign policy of the war mongering Nobel Peace Prize winner, Barack "Insane" Obama. The bizarre activity of this man is now raising questions as to this man's sanity. Is he just evil? Or, a madman? Or, just a fool.  Or an admixture. Time will tell.

Further information and updates on the besieged village can be read here. 

An excellent video news report on the terrorist activities of Obama's new JIhadi allies can be seen here. 

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