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Monday, 2 September 2013

The Battle of Catholic Bloggers.... it is not love, peace and truth incorporated for all who seek

Following up on the "Catholic blog scandal" - whilst our Catholic brothers and sisters are being massacred in the Middle East - I thought it time for a musical interlude, (courtesy of Genesis). Pertinent lyrics no doubt: 

They called me the reverend when I entered the church unstained;
My employers have changed but the name has remained.

It all began when I went on a tour,
Hoping to find some furniture.

I followed a sign - it said beautiful chest.
It led to a lady who showed me her best.

She was taken by surprise when I quickly closed my eyes.
So she rang the bell, and quick as hell
Bob the nob came out on his job
To see what the trouble was.

Louise, is the reverend hard to please? 
Youre telling me!
Perhaps, sir, if it's not too late.
We could interest you in our old-fashioned Staffordshire plate? 

Oh no, not me, Im a man of repute.
But the devil caught hold of my soul and a voice called out shoot!

To save my steeple, I visited people;
For this I'd gone when I met little John.
His name came, I understood,
When the judge said you're a robbing hood.

He told me of his strange foundation,
Conceived on sight of the Woodstock nation;
He'd had to hide his reputation.

When poor, twas salvation from door to door.
But now, with a pin-up guru every week,
Its love, peace & truth incorporated for all who seek.

Recommended listening: The Battle of Epping Forest - studio version

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