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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

SYRIA CRISIS: Saudi and Gulf men seek white-skinned blue eyed girls under 16

The BBC reports of so-called marriages being arranged between dirty old men from Arabia to fair-skinned Syrian girls. This front for forced prostitution is despicable and loathsome. It further shows that a main cause for the crisis - though not discussed because of the power of money - is the various Gulf dictatorships, especially Saudi Arabia. The same so-called Kingdom working hand-in glove with the Obama regime to bring about another Islamist Sunni state subservient to the tyrants reigning in Rhyadh.

Pray for these innocent Syrian girls who are falling into the clutches of these evil, lustful perverts of the desert. 

Yet, lest we sit back smugly and think of ourselves as morally superior - let us reflect on the explosion of pedophilia in our own lands. In Arabia it is covered under the veneer or legality. Here, it is being practiced by those who once were Christian, or, incredibly still claim to be. It is a sad reality that a significant minority of weekly Mass attending Catholic males frequent pornography. 

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