Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Scottish Crisis: Centre the attention on the Victims of homosexual abuse and not Fr. Matthew Despard

I am deeply dismayed that Bishop Joseph Toal is making Fr. Matthew Despard the issue, when he is not the issue. Remove Fr. Despard and his book: the crisis will continue unabated. The recent "ad clerum" letter only diverts attention from the on-going decades long tragedy of abuse of young people; mostly homosexual abuse. It further does not address the grave problem of  clergy who are not living celibately, but indulging in homosexual activity. 

Pat McEwan, Paul Smythe... how many more, O Lord, how many more? 

Fr. Despard's book is a result of years of cover-up and lying. Hiding the abuse, the homosexual activity, the lying, the denial... 

Victim Pat McEwan, of whom I wrote months ago,  was dismissed by Bishop emeritus of Motherwell, Joseph Devine as a "fantasist". Victim Paul Smythe was also dismissed. Mr. Pat Draper, an independent investigator was obstructed in his investigations into abuse, and dismissed by - yes, Bishop Devine! In fact, the hierarchy covered-up at least 20 known cases of rape. 

Bishop Toal's letter is also deeply disturbing in that it contains no evidence that the Diocese of Motherwell is going to seek outside independent investigators (including reliable laity) to objectively and transparently investigate each and every allegation in Fr. Despard's book. It also contains no information about the diocese planning an investigation into the Carfin Grotto Rapes. Closure will only come when victims, such as Pat McEwan are heard out. The cover-ups must stop! 

It is not too much to ask those in authority in Motherwell to immediately cease trying to conduct an "insider" inquiry, but to immediately turn over all documentation etc. to outside investigators to get to the bottom of all allegations. Let the chips fall where they may. 

I shall not be silent. Before God, as a Catholic; before my country, as a patriotic Scot: I shall speak out!

St. John Ogilive, pray for Scotland. 

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