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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Religious Indifferentism and the failure of the Clergy: a reflection by Michael Voris

Religious indifferentism is a half-way house to theoretical and/or practical atheism. Its manifestation by clergy is extremely dangerous; the faithful reflecting in their lives the approach of the clergy to separated brethren. Michael Voris articulates a number of serious concerns about recent manifestations of, de facto, expressions of religious indifferentism by leading churchmen. 

I may add that even here in Canada, in Montreal, newly appointed "conservative" Archbishop Lepine at an ecumenical gathering last week, in his homily avoided scrupulously any mention of the one, true Church, or a need for the separated brethren to return to Her. Sad, so sad. 

Perhaps the strongest part of Voris' video are the words he quotes from St. John Eudes on worldly and wayward clergy not actually preaching and teaching the Word of God. And remember, the saint is not saying these men do not believe: but that they fail to transmit, to teach, to warn, to reproach: for they are too caught up in their personal, worldly pursuits. 

Perhaps even more dangerous is the "conservative" churchman who completely misreads the signs of the times and pursues worldly pleasures. Whereas the "liberal" may be a wolf by commission, he is a wolf by omission. Do you want to know if a priest is good: look at his fruits, look at the faithful under his watch. There, is your answer. Please pray for your priests.

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