Wednesday 8 January 2014

Corruption in the Neo-con "church"? Elizabeth Lev video still on Opus Dei website; info etc. still on EWTN

Just how corrupt are things? Consider the marriage of Elizabeth Lev, daughter of prominent neo-con, Mary Ann Glendon (one time apologist for pervert Maciel), to Legion of Christ ex-priest, Thomas Williams. Surely this "marriage" of a woman with two other illegitimate children to a "priest" would be more than enough for Opus Dei to remove a video featuring this self-serving woman from their website? Apparently not. 

And what of EWTN? How could they carry a programme by such a person? My, how the powerful have fallen.... but we have seen all this before. Remember the sad case of Fr. John Corapi? 

Update: An article that Lev published attacking Nancy Pelosi is very apropos here. Consider that when this article was written, Lev had already given birth to "Fr." Williams' child. Lev chides Pelosi and castigates her on issues of good and about the pot calling the kettle black. 

EWTN "news" carries no news of the outrage
EWTN still carrying Lev's "Catholic Canvas" information etc


Freyr said...

Actually I can find no references to Thomas Williams having renounced the Catholic faith. Nor can I find any reference to Elizabeth Lev's marital status under church law.

Unknown said...

Don't throw a whole movement under the bus, by one item on a website.

Freyr said...

There is only one possible response to this priest caught in adultery.
"Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more." Drop the stones and walk away, the lot of you. Any other response is a betrayal of the gospel and anti-christian.

Barona said...

One neo-con website tries to blame the priest. It takes two to tango. Lev begot this child in 2005; she has devoted much energy since then in crucifying others... e.g. Nancy Pelosi. This is nothing but another tragic replay of a ":celebrity" neo-con Catholic taking a massive nose dive off the proverbial cliff. Lev and Williams tried for years to hide this - along with the Legion - to carry on her rather lucrative "art" promotion agency, as well as having access to Vatican City. One hopes that this lay clericalism has been brought to a halt by Rome.

This is not just another private sin. This is two people being caught out after years of putting forth a totally false public image.

Neil said...

Hypocrisy Personified. Mary Anne Glendon needs to pick up the dirty linen in her own house before judging others. Another a NeoCon exposed. When I want to look at an ethical role model, I just have to observe President Jimmy Carter in action.