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Sunday, 12 January 2014

The continued cult-like behaviour of the perverse Legion of Christ

ReGain, the excellent website that supports victims of abuse (spiritual, sexual,, psychological and physical) by the vile Legion of Christ is highly recommended. I fear that this cult will try to ram its "new" constitution through; hood-winking the Pope. The on-going Thomas Williams cover-up demonstrates this cult is unable to reform, due to institutional corruption. A Hydra merely re-grows another head. Rorate Caeli blog is correct: the Legion needs its buildings razed, the earth underneath salted.

Never has there been a religious congregation founded by a psychopathic, evil and satanic figure. Such a man was the devilish Marcial Maciel. Sinister indeed were his various enablers - some of whom still walk the corridors of the Vatican. Angelo Cardinal Sodano amongst them. 

A brief review of REGain shows the innumerable lives of young, good people seriously abused and damaged by the evil organization. 

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Freyr said...

Thomas Williams isn't exactly hiding his sins these days so I would be quite content to let him fade away. There are far more serious enablers like Cardinal Sodano who really need to openly acknowledge their failings with regard to the Legion of Christ.