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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Extraordinary Pro-life poem by Susan Fox

A dear friend of this blog, Susan Fox, has just published on her blog, Christ's Faithful Witness, a most heart-rending poem on abortion, "The Choice". The ending is powerful shocking, gripping- realistic: the horror of abortion and its consequences. 

This is the hoarfrosted moment – bare and sinister;
it chokes a freckled young woman,
dark-haired and beautiful with child.

The day is ugly with torment
and a certain disposable mentality
seeps through the cracks of the sidewalk.
Someone mistook the baby for diapers.

The air is blue gray
as she pulls another drag of temporary happiness,
walking with a bitter finality
to a certain and undisclosed destination.

Her mother is ashamed.
She would whitewash the moment,
send her to a man in a white coat.
His knife is sharp and indifferent....

To read the full poem, please visit Christ's Faithful Witness 

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