Sunday 5 January 2014

Michael MacIssac: Another Police victim of the Culture of Death

Michael MacIssac/ Facebook Page 
Yesterday, January 4th, the family, friends and a small number of supporters gathered in Vigil for Michael MacIssac, 47, killed by Durham Region police. Mr. MacIssac, 47, suffered from epilepsy and one evening, (Dec. 2nd) following a number of seizures, delirious, wandered naked out into the cold night. An "interaction" happened with the police, leaving the naked Mr. MacIssac shot dead.  His sister's words put the entire situation in its correct perspective:

“My brother needed help and protection that morning,” Joanne MacIsaac said. “Not bullets.”

Michael Eligon, Sammy Yatim.... the list goes on and on, without abatement. Outcasts from society, the mentally suffering die as a result of the culture of death that has entered the police forces. This is a serious pro-life issue that must be taken to heart.  

Please remember Michael in your prayers, and the other victims of Police brutality. 

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Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Yes, thank you so much for taking up this issue. This is part of the "economy that kills" that Pope Francis talks about.
Susan Fox