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Friday, 24 January 2014

Fr. Paul Nicholson on St. Francis de Sales as a Pastor of Souls

It is only fitting that I draw your attention to another great pastor of souls: St. Francis de Sales; one of the great inspirations for Bl. John Henry Newman's pastoral activity. 

Fr. Paul Nicholson presents to us a remarkable video on St. Francis de Sales. St. Francis is a model on how to present evangelization when confronted with confusion, heresy.... as in our own day. Surely the spiritual chaos in our own parishes here in Toronto and across the western world cannot be any better than the degeneracy confronting Bishop de Sales in Geneva? 

Indeed, at least the protestants of his day still retained the sense of sin. In our day, most Catholics have even lost that. When so many young "Catholics" - even after years of "conservative" Catholic parochial education (under the spiritually proud notion they are superior to the "state" Catholic school), and deceptively subsidized by the proverbial widow's mite - have succumbed to heresy, unbelief and even sexual perversion - we have an unmitigated pastoral crisis on our hands.  St. Francis help us and pray for us!

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