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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

March for Life - 2014: Stand up for life!!

In a few hours, our American brothers and sisters will be gathering in their mother church, the basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, under the motherly gaze of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in Washington D.C. to begin the annual March for Life with Mass. EWTN will carry this extremely important event live.

Abortion, the murder of the innocent is, in the words of Pope John Paul II: the "foundational human right". All other rights flow from the right to life. There are no other rights without the right to life. Is it any wonder that in anti-life totalitarian societies, such as the death-cult of Nazism, that not only Jews, but, by extension, Germans too lost all their human rights? A German only delayed his death by attaining "glory" to die for his "Fuhrer" on some distant battlefield. Far from the evil Fuhrer's thoughts were the glorious words of Schiller as put to music by the immortal Beethoven. Both those men would have ended up in a death camp. 

Pope John Paul II rejected the lies he was obsessed with the scourge of abortion; to the contrary he waged daily warfare against this monstrous evil: he confronted powerfully Mr. Clinton and others who had fallen for the deception that abortion was a liberator of women. To the contrary, nothing enslaves more than sin, and the sin of having killed the life within you. Pro-life is, again in the words of the Pope "pro-woman". The right to life movement is called upon to work to not only oppose abortion but to offer young women, usually betrayed by a lustful cynicist, the opportunity to bring the baby to term, and be born into love. Lust must be replaced with love!

A far more sinister context of abortion is not the heart-rending betrayal of young girls by lustful youths, but mature women who evilly, cynically, and with distain to truth, cold-heartedly destroy the life within them on the pretext of an inconvenience; relentlessly pursing a life of lust and debauchery. Here we are perhaps entering the dark world of the more open influence of the Evil One. Whereas in the former scenario, he exploits fear, uncertainty; here, he exploits open lust of the flesh: he knows, that sins of the flesh lead quickly to the incapacitation of the mind for clear thinking. Nothing clouds thought more - as the saints have written (such as St. John Chrysostom) than a person addicted to sexual sin. Therefore, in an eroticized society, it is only logical that abortion be exalted as a great "right" to be held. And it is "true". If one accepts eroticism as a right, one must logically adhere to the culture of death, whose pinnacle is abortion. 

The other monstrous evil of our day is the practice of homosexuality: the destroyer of love. But, for that, I leave to another post. 

Please pray for the success of the March for Life. Please pray for those women who have had abortions, that they repent and enter the House of Israel, the Church, where they will find forgiveness and peace. Pray for the conversion of those who prey on these women for profit; pray that the enemies of God be scattered...and pray for bishops and priests that they courageously and openly support the fight against abortion. God grant us pro-life priests!

213. Among the vulnerable for whom the Church wishes to care with particular love and concern are unborn children, the most defenceless and innocent among us. Nowadays efforts are made to deny them their human dignity and to do with them whatever one pleases, taking their lives and passing laws preventing anyone from standing in the way of this. Frequently, as a way of ridiculing the Church’s effort to defend their lives, attempts are made to present her position as ideological, obscurantist and conservative. Yet this defence of unborn life is closely linked to the defence of each and every other human right. It involves the conviction that a human being is always sacred and inviolable, in any situation and at every stage of development. Human beings are ends in themselves and never a means of resolving other problems. Once this conviction disappears, so do solid and lasting foundations for the defence of human rights, which would always be subject to the passing whims of the powers that be. Reason alone is sufficient to recognize the inviolable value of each single human life, but if we also look at the issue from the standpoint of faith, “every violation of the personal dignity of the human being cries out in vengeance to God and is an offence against the creator of the individual”.[176]
(Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium)

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