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Friday, 17 January 2014

Ecumenical Confusion reigns in the Vatican: Religious Indifferentism is destroying the Church

Yet another reason to abolish the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB). 

The CCCB and the Canadian Council of Churches (CCC) (of which the CCCB is a member, and, as a member shares corporate responsibility for CCC policy; including the promotion of - based on the vagueness stated in the CCC website, and known positions of various co-"churches" of the CCC - condomistic sex) are eagerly promoting a very bizarre approach to return to "unity". Simply: they are not! Catholic unity already exists: it is for the separated brethren to return to the One Fold, of thre One true Church, under Christ's One Vicar, Pope Francis.
  Unfortunately, even the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity is promoting a set of confused, odd prayers and activities composed by a group of Canadians said to be dedicated to the cause of ecumenism. Prayers are replete with United Nations suggestions for intentions for so-called Millennium Goals. The Council further digresses from Catholic doctrine by not distinguishing between true churches and ecclesial communities etc. The CCCB continues this erroneous confusion in its documentation and promotional video (see below). The Pontifical Council informs us, that when we say the UN prayers etc. we should also consider using a compass to ensure that we turn correctly within the "sacred space"... to eventually receive a "Final Blessing" from "worship leaders" (including female ministeresses???). 

Naturally, these same Millennium Goals do not contain prayers for an end to the scourge of abortion, or the pestilence of perverse sexual practices. Nor does the CCC mention these grave moral issues; yet they do assure us that "climate change" is "moral crisis". Pure horizontalism.  

Not a word on the moral crisis of abortion

Not a word on the moral crisis on homosexuality 

Consider the following confusing mush, nay heresy, from the Vatican website written by some ad hoc Canadian committee:  

Has Christ been divided in Canada? It can certainly be said that there are divisions among Christians in Canada. The Christian community is divided over the role of women in both church and society as well as over ethical issues such as abortion, euthanasia, and same-sex marriage. Many of these divisions cut across denominational lines. However, in the face of new social issues some religious communities have begun to engage with their neighbours in new and positive ways. Indeed, Canadian history has seen periods of tension and rivalry, of life lived in ignorance and indifference to each other. Through it all, we have learned to take into consideration the values of others in order to live peaceably together. We continue to be divided by doctrine, polity, and practice, and to maintain our own religious solitudes, yet our pilgrimage towards unity continues under God’s guidance.

Yes, there it is again: go along, to get along!!!

You may wish to review the equally insipid Canadian promotional video of the Canadian Centre for Ecumenism (were they clowning in front of the Blessed Sacrament?)

All of this provides just another miserable reason why the Catholic Church is collapsing in Canada, trotting down the same path as the United Church.  No doctrine, no preaching, no urgency, no sense of proclaiming the Truth....they are ashamed of Christ and He is ashamed of them before His Father...

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Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Well, I'd like to laugh, but that's not very polite. Maybe we should cry. I've been to Mass where they changed the Creed to a feminist creed, completely unrecognizable. I've been to Cloistered Carmelite Convents where they created a feminist "liturgy of the hours" -- The magnificat mentioned Abraham And Sarah and their children. Plus the Sign of the Cross was "In the name of the Source of All Life, and His Child and the Spirit" or some such nonsense. Anything to get the word Father out of the Church. Once we walked out of Mass because they were apologizing during the prayers of intercession for the evils the Catholic Church did against gay people. We sat in the front row and we had our baby with us, so the pastor noticed. They don't like young families marching out of Mass in protest. (Don't worry we went to Mass some other place). In that Church, my husband lectored, and they told him in his training session that the word of God was sacred and not to be changed. Then when he looked down at the text they wanted him to read he noticed that the priest had scratched out a lot of words in the Gospel text and added gender neutral words.

I do think the week for Christian Unity is wonderful, but should not be celebrated in some luke warm fuzzy manner. But what do the people know? Are they taught anything? Do we have any Shepherds who are leading the people? My former spiritual director told me that when the Shepherds don't do their jobs, God sends in the sheep dogs. I guess that's the function of Toronto Catholic Witness. Good Dog! God bless you. Susan Fox

Freyr said...

The CCCB and the Canadian Council of Churches (CCC) (of which the CCCB is a member, and, as a member shares corporate responsibility for CCC policy; including the promotion of - based on the vagueness stated, and known positions of various co-"churches" of the CCC - condomistic sex) are eagerly promoting a very bizarre approach to return to Catholic unity.

Congratulations, you have just won the Bulwer Lytton Prize in the non-fiction category for the worst opening sentence in a blog entry. I cannot even begin to tease out the meaning of this but I will point out that the words "condom" and "sex" do not appear in the page linked to by "condomistic sex". There is not even any mention of contraception. There may well be a point to all this and were it explained in a coherent fashion I might even agree to it. However I can only suggest you go have another coffee and reread this when you are fully awake.

Barona said...

Yes, they do - due to evasiveness - open themselves up to the charge of promoting condomistic sex. It is for the CCC to disavow the use of illicit means of avoiding HIV.

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

But Freyr you have to admit his lead on the Cardinal Newman article was brilliant and clear and delightful.

"John Henry Cardinal Newman, spent half his long life coming into the Catholic Church. The other half was spent "coming out" of the Catholic Church, distributing Her spiritual fruits to all who would listen."
God bless you. Susan Fox