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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Jason Welle SJ: This man MUST BE STOPPED from being ordained to the priesthood!

[warning: blasphemous images, extreme profanity is contained in this post] 

Jason Welle SJ., was ordained to the diaconate last October 24th, by Bishop Michael C. Barber SJ., of Oakland, California. Welle, is a member of the Jesuit's Oregon Province. I wrote about him last summer, in which he opined in favour of "gay marriage", following the US Supreme Court decision. Welle was quick to add the gay Rainbow colours to his social media Facebook page (see above and below). 

Notwithstanding this, he still was sent on to ordination as a deacon by his Jesuit Superiors. At least one prominent Jesuit is aware of Welle's dissent on sexual matters, the celebrity priest, James Martin SJ. In fact, Martin called Welle's article in favour of "same sex marriage" - I quote, "beautiful". 

It would be beyond incredulity if Welle's seminary professors are not aware of his open dissent on the Jesuit Post. Nor could they be unaware of his interview with homosexual dissenter, Arthur Fitzmaurice, in a video published by America Media, (a Jesuit Ministry) and available for viewing on Youtube. 

Jason Welle SJ.,  being ordained to the diaconate

Besides, dissent on sexuality, I have discovered that Welle is not immune from blasphemy and grotesque profanity. 

How is it possible that such a man could even be allowed into the seminary? Just how corrupt and decadent are the Jesuits? 

What a blasphemer! Is nothing sacred? To mock the Last Supper; to call Mohommed "the prophet" etc?

This man is not fit to be a priest, not even a deacon. He should be dismissed from the Jesuits. He is a disgrace. 

Please write your concerns to Bishop Barber at the following email:

Diocese of Oakland
2121 Harrison Street, Suite 100
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: 510-893-4711
Fax: 510-893-0945

Please contact the Oregon Provincial Superior at: 

Fr. Scott Santarosa, Provincial
Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus
3215 SE 45th Ave.
Portland, OR 97206
Phone (503) 226-6977 

Jason Welle, for the sake of your soul, for the sake of the Church: repent and get out, now! 


Mark said...

I don't think the bishop cares. Unless you frame it this way: This looks like a scandal waiting to happen. Should it happen (God forbid), let us pray that it is at least legal, for monetary sake :-P

DJR said...

Perhaps someone should inform the bishop that the local Muslims and their imams may be interested in knowing who is being ordained in the local Catholic community and what that person's views on homosexuality and state coercion are.

This man advocates homosexuality and is okay with the government forcing its acceptance on others. Some day he may be in a position of influence, and that influence will be inimical to the interests of Muslims.

They just might be interested in knowing that.

Anonymous said...

This social and sexual deviance has been polluting the Church for years, decades. With the Jesuits, it's par for the course.

Of course this man shall be ordained! He's just about their perfect ideal of a Jesuit priest. This death of the faith is widespread in some areas of the Church, varying worldwide for diverse reasons. You are looking at the future of the Church.

I am not being sarcastic, I'm just amazed at the naivete here and I suppose the blogger must be young and not have seen this stuff around. Most people refuse to see, and that is why it continues. They don't want to face the corruption in the Church, or the moral collapse outside the Church.

I happen to know a bit about the Provincial and Bishop Barber. Forget contacting the Jesuits, they fully approve of this behavior AND ATTITUDE. You will get an elegantly crafted form letter thanking you for your concern. Bishop Barber is at least a Catholic, but he has no authority over the man, that is another protection offered by a religious order.

Barona said...

Anonymous 1:54. An ordaining bishop is bound by canon law to ordain only those who are of the correct spiritual and moral calibre to be a priest. Barber will have to answer on Judgment Day for the malefactors, the wolves he has sent into the Lord's Vineyard.

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

What a shocking witness to the disorder in the Order of the Society of Jesus. The order was founded to defend the Catholic Faith and support the pope. They are doing the opposite. And they are leading many to hell. I've met their fruit on Twitter. We should all do an act of reparation for the Jesuits. Maybe make this our project in Lent. God bless you. Susan Fox