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National Federation of Priests Council document admits to "high risk sexual encounters..." ~ homosexual clergy were acquiring AIDS from "compulsive and anonymous sexual activity''

The other day I undertook some unpleasant reading published by the National Federation of Priests Council, written by two priests: Robert J. Vitillo and Jon  Fuller S.J. Both remain influential to this day.

 The full document may be downloaded here. As you read it, you will note that not once is sin mentioned. Very telling. Though it is from the year 2000, it has lost none of its relevance; indeed, it explains much as to the near total lack of opposition from churchmen against the evil of homosexual acts; it helps explain why - every now and then - the curtain is drawn back and another homosexual clergy horror story is exposed. The most recent coming from New York, with Cardinal Dolan striving to cover-up the behaviour of a notorious sodomite Judas priest. Church Militant is fighting a near one-man, but a very winning battle, against the decadent "official" Catholic media Establishment in exposing this outrage. Dolan's strange behaviour makes one wonder if his Archdiocese is not rife with blackmail and counter blackmail. There must be so many dark secrets to hide! 

Cover page of the 40 page document
Here in Canada, we had a few years ago the abomination of the homosexual pervert and Judas bishop, Raymond Lahey. The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops dragged their feet for weeks when approached to remove all photos and sermons by this despicable creature. The Lahey Case causes one to wonder about enablers, those who covered for the pervert and so on. A bishop just does not disappear from the diocese and country without anyone knowing. Or, let us consider the  incredible  case of the "Pervert Montreal Deacon". Obviously the Bishops in Canada are showing how "seriously" they take grave sexual sin on the part of clergy. Again, blackmail and counter blackmail comes to mind. 

From Page, 25 - excusing sexually perverted acts due to "non-integrated homosexual self-identity" 

This document shows its historical value as we reflect on these more recent homosexual outrages committed by churchmen. It is undeniable: there was, and is, a very serious homosexual problem in the priesthood and episcopacy, which helps explain the near universal avoidance of fighting serious evils of our day. Homosexual infiltration is a cancer on the Body of Christ. It explains the near universal dissemination of heresy - especially Eucharistic heresy - with virtually no opposition. But then, why would an active, sodomite bishop or priest be concerned with orthodoxy or sexual purity? 

On page 18, the document laments about clergy who may be worried about possibly having HIV/AIDS though "only" having indulged in "mutual masturbation" or "kissing". Both acts are perverted and gravely sinful. Notice, dear friends, the sly method of trying to downplay sexual evil? 

From page 18, musing about priests who engage in "mutual masturbation..."

The document also, on page 22, attempts to claim there is no link between pedophilia and churchmen indulging in "adult homosexual behavior..." However, the fact remains that most of this pedophilia was the abuse of male adolescents by sodomite priests. Important to note that this document advises against "automatically removing individuals from active ministry". One wonders how many priests and bishops are engaged in "adult homosexual behavior" and in "active ministry"?

From Page, 22. Defending non-removal of active homosexual priests from ministry 

I close with two recent images. The first a retweet by the now notorious sodomite ex-Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa of the Vatican, who self-outed himself on the eve of the Synod. This active sodomite, worked for years in Rome. No one knew? No one enabled him? No one protected him? Not according to Fr. Dariusz Oko.

This final image is a tweet by the young homsexualist Jesuit scholastic, (presumably preparing for ordination) Michael Rossmann, editor of The Jesuit Post - another typical pro-homosexual clerical publication. 

Friends, it is only a matter of time before some other mutating sexual disease strikes and we see priests and bishops dropping like flies. God will not be mocked. 

But I shall NOT end on this pessimistic note. Our Lord Jesus Christ has won the victory on the Cross! It is through the Graces that He never ceases to pour upon His Church, that good and holy bishops and priests are still raised up! I know a number of holy bishops and priests! I am sure that many of you do as well. Pray for them, support them, be prepared to give everything for them. 

Further, the Church has a "nuclear" engine, so to speak: I write, especially of cloistered nuns. These holy women are the "right hand" of Our Lord Jesus Christ! Just as the holy women did not abandon Our Lord on Calvary, so too, these holy nuns - these Brides of Christ - bring Him great comfort during this age of dark betrayal. 

Friends! Pray for your priests, love them. Let them know you pray and love them! They are human, not angels: they need our love, support and friendship.

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A CIA project to subvert the Catholic Church is documented here:

In view of this, we must consider that more than ordinary corruption may be at work. We may be under attack by an evil empire that has weaponized depravity:

We need to make the Swiss Guard an effective counter-intelligence force.