Sunday, 17 January 2016

John Allen Jr. denies there is a "gay lobby" in the Vatican ~ but his denial only reaffirms the stranglehold of the homosexual clerical mafia!

There is this part of the Church that is sick"
Fr. Dariusz Oko

It has been a bad week for the homosexuals and homosexualists within the Church; on Vatican Hill they are still known as the "gay lobby". With Pope Francis' personal friend, Oscar Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga, reiterating the existence of a "gay lobby", John Allen Jr. and Ines San Martin of the homosexualist Crux have leapt to the defense of the homo heresy, trying to put a spin on the actual meaning of "gay lobby". 

According to them, it consists of men who are mostly, but not exclusively, homosexual - some practicing, some not - who are merely hiding their secret, advancing their careers, covering for each other. In other words, the "gay lobby" is not a lobby to change Church doctrine or practice, but merely an "informal network" of homosexuals, careerists etc. protecting their personal turf, their "sleazy sort of personal patronage" etc. 

Jesuit reaction to "gay marriage" . No influence, Mr. Allen? 

Even if this were true, and did not extend to influencing the institutional activity of the Church, would this not be bad enough? Where does Allen or Martin speak of sin, of evil, of hypocrisy, of blasphemy and sacrilege? One presumes these evil prelates, these mercenaries say Mass, committing the most horrible blasphemy and sacrilege! What could these Judas Cardinals, Bishops, monsignors and priests possibly offer the Church? Of this, the Crux apologists are silent. What of these evil men living like renaissance princes off the widow's mite? Again, our homosexualist apologists are silent. 

Obviously, as even Allen and Martin admit, these homosexuals are advancing each other, protecting each other, and - by inference - blackmailing and counter-blackmailing each other. However, the presence of, and the activity and influence of these homosexuals goes far, far beyond covering for themselves.

Charamsa and his Vatican "friends". No influence, Mr. Allen?

It is not just a question of hypocritical leeches living off the widow's mite and the poor box. There is a long, dark, track record of a malignant and satanic influence of homosexuality in the Church, corrupting, poisoning, destroying. 

Consider the words of the demonic "Fr." Timothy Radcliffe O.P. (a notorious homo-Dominican): "it is heartening to see the wave of support for gay marriages". Or, let us consider the 2013 support coming from heresiarch, Archbishop Marini for homosexual "civil unions", though this has been condemned by the Church as evil. Even Bergoglio supported this when Archbishop of Buenos Aires, but was forced to back down by the other bishops. Yet, if we are to believe the likes of Allen and Martin, the "gay lobby" has no influence. Nonsense. It has a huge influence. Just consider that well over 50% of "Catholics" no longer believe that homosexual acts are gravely sinful, a serious depravity. The militant homosexuals have done their work well!

How many more are there like Charamsa? No influence, Mr. Allen? 
Let us now review the Synods of 2014 and 2015 to see how far the homo lobby has grown in power, and how influential it has become. When Bruno Forte inserted the passages on homosexuality behind the backs of the Fathers, was he acting on behalf of the "gay lobby"? Or, were these the isolated actions of a wayward homophile? When various churchmen across the world came out in defense of this homo propaganda that was in the 2014 document, were they acting on behalf of the homo lobby? Or, were they over-excited homophiles reacting with spontaneous gaiety? 

Is Archbishop Forte part of the "gay lobby" or, is he being blackmailed? Catholics need to know. It is believed that the majority of clergy on Vatican Hill are homosexuals; of course these deviants will exert pressure to change or impede Church doctrine and practice! If only to stop true reform, if only to confuse the issues, if only to not talk about the sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance. When was the last time you heard a priest speak about sexual sins from the pulpit? There you see the influence of the "gay lobby"! Not only does it exist in Rome, but across the world! Just consider the German Bishops' Conference.

Homosexual propaganda from the German bishops. 
No influence, Mr. Allen? 
Let us consider an example of the "gay lobby" in North America. Let us take a look at the Archdiocese of New York and the horrifying case of a priest engaged in homosexual depravity who was allowed to continue in active ministry! How is this possible? Or, the horror of a known, practicing homosexual being selected as lector for a Papal Mass? Yet, the writers at Crux would have us believe these evil malefactors have no influence. 

The "gay" lector. No influence, Mr. Allen? 

What of the notorious homo-Dominicans? Do they not constitute part of the homosexual Hydra, whose chief head is on Vatican Hill? These homo-Dominicans have exerted a powerful and sinister influence on the Church in America for years. They are not merely covering for each other to continue to lead the lives of leeches, sucking the widow's mite for a comfortable lifestyle - they are  pouring poison into the souls of the faithful. The same goes for the homo-Jesuits. 

Homo-Dominican Richard Woods. No influence, Mr. Allen? 
A further example. This blog recently discovered the existence of a year 2000 document by the dissident group the National Federation of Priests Council, entitled Clergy and Religious and the AIDS Pandemic. The document contains serious revelations of rampant homosexual activity amongst clergy: everything from kissing, mutual masturbation to anal sex. Nothing has changed since 2000. Yet, according to Allen et al., these practicing homosexuals exert no influence on the Church.

Obviously, this "gay lobby" can never get the Pope to stand up one day and say "gay is good, go to it". No, what will happen - and what is happening - is that the waters will be muddied so much (as they did with contraception) that most Catholics will no longer know what to believe. Just consider the reaction of Jesuit scholastics (e.g. one who went on to be ordained this past October as a deacon, on his way to the priesthood, Jason Welle S.J.) to the "legalization" of "gay marriage" last summer in the United States. The homosexualist, Jesuit Post carried at least two articles approving of the court decision. The influential priest, James Martin S.J. commented on the "Love Wins" pro-homosexual activity article by Welle as "beautiful". No influence, Mr. Allen? Do you take us for fools? 

Pro-gay propaganda written by a Jesuit who went on to ordination.
No influence, Mr. Allen?
It is time to expose and drive these Judases from the Church! The homosexual Hydra will only die if it has its head cut off in Rome; where the enablers, the conspirators dwell and spread their poison throughout the whole Church. Homosexuality is a cancer upon the Mystical Body of Christ. Pray for the conversion of the homosexuals, pray that they repent and leave the priesthood. 

St. Charles Lwanga and martyrs, pray for the Church, pray for us. 


Jonah said...

The proper historical context to this is the homo subculture in Nazi Germany. When the Nazis went underground and dispersed through the ratlines with the help of the Church, the homo subculture went with them and leveraged the secret societies and networks established by the Nazis. The fascist and covert character of the homolobby confirms this. Also, the neo-Catholic cover for the homo lobby is motivated by self-intest. Neo-Catholicism is embedded within neo-fascism (at minimum, it has a high degree of overlap), and shares its homo subculture. Insiders have revealed that half of the CIA and other intelligence agencies are homosexual. Imagine the power wielded by these modern Janissaries, who can compromise, blackmail, assassinate anyone who threatens them without fear of any higher authority.

s said...

My father was very annoyed by your careful homework in this post! The homo Jesuits and Dominicans bow down in homage to him everyday.(Say, can you find out if we have any real religious left in this Archdiocese?) -Screwtape

DJR said...

Although articles like this are beyond depressing, thank you for the great work you do. It is most necessary.

You, and others like you, will go down in the annals of the Church as Her great defenders at a time when She was under assault from all sides. Please keep up the good work.

Souls need it so very badly.

Anonymous said...

St. Charles Lwanga and martyrs, pray for the Church, pray for us and for our children and seminarist in risk of sexual abuse for these hereric sect of gay priest leding by the apostate Bergoglio