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Sunday, 30 August 2015

The Church in Africa proclaims the truth:"abortion and contraception...give rise to a libertine culture of immoral and sinful..."

Delegates from the Nigerian Bishops Conference 

The Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria distinguishes itself as possibly the African successor to one of Africa's greatest sons: St. Augustine of Hippo. 

African prelates have not been idle, but are working day and night to evangelize Africans, whilst warning Africans not to succumb to the siren call of the decadent "West". It is my earnest prayer that they come in haste to Canada to spread the Gospel! Would that we had shepherds like these!

The following words by the Nigerian Bishops have not been spread far and wide by the Secretariat of State's underlings, the Holy See Press Office and Vatican Radio, because, like their masters in the Secretariat, they either do not wish Catholics to know the Evangelical power of the African bishops, or perhaps some are just too busy as clerical-political careerists to even notice. But there certainly is an ominous silence from the various lackeys who work for the Press Office and Vatican Radio when it comes to spreading the teachings of the Bishops from Africa. Sadly, they, or their hirelings do swing into action when it comes to pandering to pro-abortion academics and journalists.

However, we have this apostolic warning from the Nigerian bishops as to the baneful and evil influence ("neo-colonialism" of the worst kind - to corrupt African souls) of the decadent "West". Thank God, these bishops in no uncertain terms denounce the United Nations, Canada, Britain, the United States and others for their vile promotion of the hateful abomination that is "same-sex marriage": 

Bishops denounce the decadent "West" for perverting the 
Word of God
 and promoting perverted forms of sexuality 

Recently the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria has produced a pastoral Letter: Our Stand on Marriage, Family and Human Society". This extraordinary document should be read, studied and prayed upon by every Catholic. Would that our bishops speak, write with such evangelical truth and clarity!

Truly the Church in Africa lives the words of St. Athanasius: "they have the buildings, we have the Faith". Yes, we have the buildings: whether it be the grotesque, gorging wealth of the Church in Germany (that even invests in pornography), to the cynical cash grab in the Archdiocese of Toronto, known as the "Family of Faith" campaign (in Toronto Catholic Witness circles, as "No Family, No Faith, NO Money!"). 

Here is an earlier sampling from these Apostles from Africa: 

From the Nigerian bishops in 2012: 

We denounce the relentless efforts of many Western nations’ development programmes and the United Nations’ agencies to pressurize and manipulate countries in Africa, especially Nigeria, to embrace an anti-life culture and anti-life programmes, namely, artificial family planning, under the guise of population control, eradication of HIV-AIDS, and the promotion of so-called women’s reproductive health rights. Abortion and contraception – which form the basis of this anti-life mentality and aggravate the culture of death, give rise to a libertine culture of promiscuity. As Catholics, we reiterate that the use of contraceptives is immoral and sinful and we recommend only Natural Family Planning, abstinence and self-control.


Unknown said...

We need missionaries from our Church in Africa and Asia. In the United States the apostolic leadership is almost non-existent.

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Unknown, agreed, we need African missionaries to the Catholic chanceries in Western Nations. They should be assigned to follow our bishops around. Barona, excellent post. Thank you. This give me hope for the Synod on the Family because Africans will be there. God bless you. Susan Fox