Thursday, 20 August 2015

Canadian Bishops' website promotes two new secularist election guides that are silent on abortion ~ why are they compromising with evil?

"Abortion is murder in the womb"
Mother Teresa

The unaccountable and un-canonical Episcopal Commission on Justice and Peace, having released its own scandalous election Guide, that could not even mention the word "abortion" (with no mention of the just recently "legalized" abortion pill RU-486), has updated the CCCB website to include links to two further election guides: one from Development and Peace, the other from the Canadian Council of Churches. The holy name of Our Lord Jesus Christ is not mentioned in either document from these two "religious" organizations.  Both of these two new guides are secularist, promoting at best a sociological, horizontal Christianity, long ago condemned by the Popes. Neither guide addresses the three non-negotiable election items of Pope Benedict XVI. One might ask: why not, for example, include REAL Women of Canada's Election Guide on their recommended list? 

"Since everything is interrelated, concern for the protection of nature is also incompatible with the justification of abortion" Laudato Si, Pope Francis

D & P perverts Pope Francis' encyclical, Laudato Si, failing to mention that at the centre of any ecological movement is human ecology: the defense of life from conception to natural death. D & P's concern is imposing new taxes on carbon emissions and extending government control into peoples lives. Strangely, it shows no concern to impose control to stop the heartless from killing unborn children? 

The Commission's recommended election guides
D & P fails to mention what both Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis have written: there can be no true, moral and just environmental movement without defending human life. First in this defense is the weakest most vulnerable of lives: the unborn, the elderly, the sick and disabled. We have mass extermination of the unborn, and we will soon have "legalized" euthanasia.  

The document by the Canadian Council of Churches is hardly better. It does bring up euthanasia, but only within the context of needing a "debate" - there is NO opposition to euthanasia in this document, that, the Episcopal Commission evidently sees fit to recommend to Catholics for study on election issues. Needless to say, the CCC is SILENT on abortion, the family, "same-sex marriage" and so on. 

Just how important is abortion an election issue? Let us, once again,  recall the words of St. Pope John Paul II:

It was a legally elected parliament, "which allowed for the election of Hitler in Germany in the 1930s and then the same Reichstag that gave Hitler powers which paved a way for the political invasion of Europe, for the creation of concentration camps and for introducing the so-called 'final solution' of the Jewish question, which meant the extermination of millions of sons and daughters of Israel." The pope continued, "We have to question the legal regulations that have been decided in the parliaments of present day democracies. The most direct association which comes to mind is the abortion laws. ... Parliaments which create and promulgate such laws must be aware that they are transgressing their powers and remain in open conflict with the law of God and the law of nature."

Truly one can ask: why would the Episcopal Commission on Justice and Peace recommend these two election guides, when they are objectively evil? A great injustice has been committed against the Catholic faithful and loyal bishops who could never acquiesce to this. This committee is compromising with evil. It was tired in the 1930s with the Nazis, and we know the result of that. This is madness.

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