Saturday, 22 August 2015

Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA) -Toronto Secondary Unit (TSU) campaigns for pro-abortion politicians

This is the type of politician that OECTA supports

We have posted a number of times about the objectively evil Ontario Englsih Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA); a strident and militantly dissident union - at least in its leadership - openly opposed to the Catholic Church.  Back in the nineties, OECTA was openly calling for priestesses, and hosting people, such as the "arch-heretic" Gregory Baum (the very words of  the Rev. Msgr. Vincent Foy). 

Waterloo OECTA retweeting OECTA's participation at the obscene and
evil Gay Pride Parade in Toronto 

Recently, OECTA's Toronto branch, the Toronto Secondary Unit (TSU) is busy endorsing Toronto candidates for the Federal election that are pro-abortion and pro-homosexualist that they believe are particularly favourable to the union. But it seems that the secularist disease infects all of OECTA, not just the notoriously militant TSU, but also, e.g. OECTA Waterloo. As I wrote a few months ago, it was very disheartening to read that the President of OECTA was openly supporting homosexualism. Instead of throwing him out, OECTA membership is either supportive or silent (due to cowardice?). 

Canada is in a very, very dangerous situation. The Church is an even more dangerous situation. Here, we have a critical election, and the Catholic teachers union in Ontario is openly supporting objectively evil candidates.  Why? Yes, why indeed. 

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