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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Why is Vatican Radio promoting a feminist "theologian" who is pro-priestess, pro-abortion, pro-homosexualist, pro-adulterist, pro-contraception...

And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet, who wrought signs before him... (Revelation, 19:20) 

Dissident theologian, Tina Beattie, a guest of Vatican Radio 
The depth of the crisis in the Church can be seen over at Vatican Radio. Vatican Radio today carries an interview with a feminist dissenter, Tina Beattie. Beattie, we are told, promotes an "incisive presence of women in the Catholic Church" (the words of Philippa Hitchen for Vatican Radio, twisting the words of the Pope). Beattie subtly hints at a wish-list of dissent: "he is not going to do it for us" (that is, the Holy Father will not enact the feminist agenda for priestesses etc.). 

However, Beattie ends the interview optimistically, by stating:"...its often said feminism is a western movement. That's absolutely not true, you know, I'm in conversation with  Catholic women all over the world and this is a growing movement in every culture and context..." 

Vox Cantoris has already unmasked the promotion of homosexuality on this website on a number of occasions (being then hastily removed after being exposed). That such open dissent can be publicly promoted on websites controlled by the Secretariat of State confirms to Catholics that there is a highly organized group of dissenters at work right inside the Vatican: moral relativists who are busy promoting a perverted morality, openly promoting heresy and attacking the sacramental economy of the Church. Beattie's dissident opinions may be read here in her own words. An excellent overview of her dissent may be read at Protect the Pope.

How is all this possible? Why were readers not informed of the sinister theology of this woman? Why ask the opinion of a known heretic and dissenter? No mention that she supports abortion, contraception, the ordination of women... 

But then, why would Vatican Radio allow articles in favour of homosexualism, replete with photographs of grave sins being committed? Dear readers, I leave that up to your imaginations. 

Please pray for the Pope, and the Church who are under such diabolical attack. Please pray for the upcoming Synod on the Family. 


Christoph Rebner said...

diabolical attack

Unknown said...

Is it possible that Vatican Radio is promoting Heresy, or is it being rather sarcastic in the suggesting that feminist are actually foolish pones in a game played upon them by the International Social Workers movement? You know women, who think that they don't need men, don't need children, don't need God, don't need family, and don't need to be humiliated now and then. These women believe themselves to be extraordinary in their own manifest existence apart from all the essential necessities of life. So maybe Vatican Radio is now doing Sarcastic Comedy which could be titled Artificial Heresy and how to laugh about it OUT LOUD. The Workers International requires women who are actually good at being sex slaves rather than acquire the virtues demonstrated by Mary the Mother of Jesus.