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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

RICHARD WAGNER: Bicentenary imminent

This May 22nd, 2013, will be 200 years to the day that the great genius, Richard Wagner - one of my favourite composers - was born. Wagner, as an eminent exponent of western civilization, deserves a place on any serious blog that seeks to explore cultural topics. 

Excellent for your edification is the concept :"The Ring without Words" - a nice and compact presentation of The Ring in just over an hour. 

More to follow on this remarkable man .... 

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Freyr said...

Wow...you can listen to this in an hour? Who knew? I attribute my tenuous grasp on sanity to Wagner's Ring Cycle. I watched it on TV the last time it was broadcast in full... in German... on four successive nights. I've never been the same since. I've found the Bugs Bunny cartoon What's Opera Doc? to be a useful antidote to excessive exposure to the original. Here's a link.