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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Keith O'Brien: Scottish Catholic Media Office and bishops still do not get it

Photo that is downloadable from the
Scottish Catholic Media Office

I apologize for this rather "in your face" photo of the now disgraced Keith Cardinal O'Brien. It is not everyday that readers of a Catholic blog will be welcomed by a photo of a Cardinal Archbishop who has admitted grave moral indiscretions. But it came from the Scottish Catholic Media Office

My story begins in trying to find some official information either confirming or denying media reports that O'Brien has been ordered by Rome to leave Scotland. I found nothing on this news report, but found a link to a "Cardinal O'Brien Lapel Pin Cross". 

The Scottish hierarchy just does not get it. There seems to be no understanding that committing perverted sexual acts is gravely sinful. There seems to be no understanding that the committal of such acts by priests is even more grotesque. How can the SCMO maintain this Lapel Pin Cross after O'Brien's own admission of guilt? And this even after the Pope ordered further investigations into O'Brien. Now, this may well be a sickening example of bureaucratic ineptitude (as we had to endure here in Canada with the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, the CCCB keeping on their website photos and even speeches of the convicted homosexual pedophile-porn bishop, Raymond Lahey). 

Cardinal O'Brien Lapel Pin Cross
And this is reflected in Motherwell as well. The ongoing maintenance of O'Brien on their website, the arrogant and monstrous dismissal of Mr. Pat McEwan by Bishop Joseph Devine. The diabolical plan to get rid of Fr. Matthew Despard through canonical means... all of this shows that the Scottish Hierarchy does not get it at all. They are, so it would strongly seem, in a state of denial, mental and moral paralysis, and perhaps terror (due to an ongoing web of deception and probable blackmail). Thank God, Pope Francis is moving strongly with his recent and ongoing interventions against the local hierarchy. 

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