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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Pope Francis did pray over a demonically possessed man

Contrary to earlier denials, La Stampa reports that the Holy Father did indeed pray over a man possessed by demons. The full report is a fascinating read on the power of darkness, and how God uses evil for good. Fr. Gabriel Amorth reports that the possession is linked to a warning to the Mexican bishops and abortion. The possessed man may be regarded as a "victim soul".  

When Pope Francis laid his hands on a young man in a wheel chair, in St Peter’s Square, at the end of mass on Pentecost Sunday, May 19, many people at first thought he had actually carried out an exorcism.  The Vatican flatly denied that, however, and said the pope had simply prayed over the man.  The priest who accompanied the man also confirmed this.

But one thing is certain, the man claims to be possessed by demons, and says he has been tormented in this state for the past 14 years. He revealed this May 22, in an exclusive interview in Rome with Irene Hernandez Velasco, the correspondent of the Spanish daily, El Mundo.

The man, Angel V., a 43 year-old Mexican from the state of Michoacán, is married with two young children, said some ten exorcists, included the renowned Roman exorcist – Father Gabriel Amorth,  have tried but failed to liberate him from his terrible predicament.

Father Juan Rivas, who accompanied Angel to Rome and was with him when he met the Pope, confirmed all this when he spoke to El Mundo.  He revealed that when the Pope met Angel, he told him, “Holiness, this person needs a blessing, he has had more than 30 exorcisms and the demons that live in him do not want to leave him.”

Fr Rivas, a member of the Legionaries of Christ, described what happened that Sunday. He said: “The Pope greeted Angel, and he kissed the pontiff’s ring and in that instant fell into a trance. The Pope then laid his hands on his head and at that moment a terrible sound was heard (from him), like the roar of a lion. All those who were there heard it perfectly well. The Pope for sure heard it, and his bodyguards heard it as did a child who was at our side. But in spite of this horrific roar the Pope did not let himself be moved; he continued with his prayer, as if he had faced similar situations before.”   

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