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Friday, 31 May 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Motherwell's Bishop Joseph Devine's resignation is accepted

Rome has accepted Joseph Devine's resignation. The Catholic Herald carries the full report. I thank God that this man is no longer is in charge of the diocese that I grew up in. We can thank Pope Francis for intervening in Scotland to begin the process of taking charge of a situation that is rife with corruption. I carry many, many fond memories of blessed events in Motherwell. Serving Mass for Canon Taylor is one experience that I will never forget. The holy Canon would be horrified by the moral degeneracy amongst the priesthood - and even more so by the cover-ups, denial and lies. 

Obviously, Motherwell will be sede vacante for a while, as Rome on direct orders from Pope Francis, begins its investigations into the homosexualist sub-culture amongst priests, as well as very grave allegations of rape committed at the Shrine of Carfin. As I have written earlier, and repeat here again: Witness will not be silent on the issue of moral corruption amongst the clergy. Please pray for Scotland. Please pray for brave priests, like Fr. Matthew Despard. 

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