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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Anglican Bishop speaks out on failure to stop advance of Secularism and Islamism

A leading British Anglican prelate, the Rt. Rev  Michael Nazir-Ali has denounced the cowardly capitulation of the Church of England to secularism, giving rise to a vacuum, which allows Islamism to fill the void. As I wrote earlier, the problem is us. 

This too, sadly, applies to the Catholic Church. At least in the "advanced" West. Take the Archdiocese of Toronto: out of all the possible serious moral concerns in the Church and Society that  H.E. Collins could choose for a Pastoral letter, he chose the insipid and "safe" topic of denouncing a potential casino in Toronto. Forget a Pastoral Letter on the Real Presence, the Mass, or serious moral failings in society and amongst the laity such as: abortion, contraception, widespread dissent on sexual morality; or massive moral decline in our Catholic schools (e.g GSAs in "Catholic" schools, retreats for parents led by a homosexualist psychotherapist etc.); or the continued erosion of the Catholic character of our hospitals., etc. 

We are in serious moral decline and our bishops are silent. Bishops are to be watchmen for the Faith. Well, where are they? The Pastoral Plan should not be one of trying to raise $190,000,000 from the laity, but to bring the Faith alive through catechesis. 

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