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Sunday, 26 May 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Why is Amazon censoring Fr. Matthew Despard's book?

Fr. Matthew Despard
Claiming that Fr. Matthew Despard's book, "Priesthood in Crisis" violates company policy, Amazon has pulled the best-seller. No specific reason was given. The unnamed source within the Scottish hierarchy claiming the book was potentially libelous is merely a ruse to perpetuate a culture of silence and cover-up. We have seen the recent treatment of victims of monstrous perverted sexual abuse - and it is sickening! As such, a smear campaign against Fr. Despard is logical. Indeed, this act of censorship is a totally expected action from those wishing to continue the coverup of the "gay mafia" in the Scottish priesthood, the sexual bullying etc.etc. 

We believe in openness. Publish the book! Debate the issue. Rome takes him seriously; evidently Amazon and the Scottish hierarchy are listening to, and being influenced by other forces.  

From the Sunday Mail: 

WHISTLE-BLOWING churchman’s best-selling book featuring explosive claims about gay bullies in the Catholic priesthood has been pulled by web giants Amazon.

Priesthood in Crisis by Father Matthew Despard was released in the wake of the Cardinal Keith O’Brien scandal.

The shocking account – which accuses church leaders of covering up powerful homosexual cliques in the priesthood – became an online bestseller, charting at No.125 out of 1.9 million digital books available on Amazon.

But the controversial book has been axed from the website’s Kindle store.

Amazon say it is no longer available because it does not adhere to their guidelines.

Sources in the Catholic Church have suggested that Father Despard could face legal action from one of the subjects named in his self-published book.

One claimed: “Father Despard makes allegations about a lot of named people and some of them aren’t prepared to accept their name being tarnished.”

Amazon said: “This book is not available on Amazon.co.uk. All titles must adhere to our content guidelines.”

Prohibited content for the site include pornography, offensive material, stolen goods and items that infringe upon a person’s privacy.

Father Despard said: “I noticed it was no longer for sale on Amazon and have been in touch to ask them why. I am awaiting their response and I don’t know anything more about it.”

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Servimus Unum Deum said...


Thanks for keeping people abreast of all this, especially with your internal perspective from your friends in Scotland (your home country???)

A serious question though. This is not something that should be hidden. But with amazon pulling the plug, how can one obtain a copy of this book now? I now regret not purchasing it for my kindle when it was available. Perhaps a Catholic company with a penchant for orthodoxy here in North America (e.g. TAN, Catholic Chapter House, Ignatius, Catholic Answers) can print it or release it electronically.

Freyr said...

Releasing the book electronically is no problem at all. Releasing the book for sale through an agent willing to collect the $7 a copy for you is another matter entirely. You may have noticed that Witness has links to several freely available ebooks. Distribution is no problem at all... sale of the book is another matter entirely.

Freyr said...

I really do not understand the problem here. The book is still listed on amazon.ca at the following link.

Servimus Unum Deum said...

Thanks for the update Montfort. I guess they restored the link??? Regardless I bought it for my Kindle! Just in case Amazon tries something like that again. I've learnt my lesson for next time. God Bless.

JK said...

Anyone who takes Father Despard seriously needs to go and get their head checked. He is an attention seeking sad middle aged man and if he told me my own name I still wouldn't believe him. This isn't coming from a devout Catholic who thinks all is rosy and that nothing should be challenged. I am a non practicing Catholic who is friends with people who no longer goto St John Ogilvie due to Despard's vicious personal attacks on them and would rather join the ever increasing numbers at St Josephs. Why? Because he took a dislike to them. He doesn't like people who stick up for themselves especially women and is a horrible bully.