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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Kermit Gosnell and Ariel Castro: Two monsters receive different media coverage: and both of it is sick

Kermit Gosnell and Ariel Castro are both monsters of iniquity. The former, a vile abortionist and live baby butcher; the worst mass murderer in US history. Insert his name into a Google search and you will come up with just over 500 news items (I got 549). 

Castro, a rapist, kidnapper, baby killer (we now know that he induced abortions through blows to the stomachs of his victims) receives over 20000 news items in a Google search (I got 20904). 

In a nutshell, Castro has received nearly 40 times the media exposure than Gosnell. Something is wrong here. Simply put....... the issue is abortion. Yes, ABORTION. The word that we are not to dare utter. The word that is far, far "dirtier" than various four letter words... so pass on Gosnell, he doesn't quite fit the bill for a sensation. 

And this leads to another issue, related to the covering up of the abortionists crimes: the cheapening of human life. The reduction of crime into media circus events - especially if it fits the prevailing political sentiment. Thus, rape and kidnap get the greenlight for a "show"; abortion is hush-hush.   

Take CNN. That station has outdone itself in what has quickly become a nearly 24/7 fetishistic indulgence in all the sickening details of Castro's crimes. Media helicopters hover incessantly over the neighbourhood, a well known "keeping them honest" journalist from CNN (now there is a misnomer, if ever I heard one!) rushes to the scene to conduct fatuous interviews. And so on. A crime scene has been turned into a "big top". These three, poor young women are in a sense being re-raped psychologically by this outrageous media activity. But what else should we expect from a media that denies human life? And what can  be said about a public that feeds this media frenzy? Media manipulation has indeed become a fine art. Fascism in white gloves... but that leads to another story. 

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