Saturday 10 January 2015

Public Prayers offered for Mary Wagner at the Shrine of the Black Madonna

The Black Madonna
Queen of Poland

Dear friends, on Friday, January 9th, 2014, public prayers were offered for Mary Wagner and her intentions during the "Apel Jasnogorskie", (A novena, homily and intercessory prayers to the Virgin) which is held daily at the great Marian Shrine, at Jasna Gora, Czestochowa, Poland.

We profoundly thank the Church in Poland for their public prayer and support for Mary. May Our Blessed Saviour bless Poland and her faithful people. May Our Blessed Mother, Queen of Poland intercede for the Polish nation before her Son.

The Marian Shrine of Jasna Gora, Czestochowa, Poland

Here is a translated transcription of the intercessory prayer read for Mary (starting at 6:08 Prayers for Mary:)

"We pray for Mary Wagner. For all those who will be before the Canadian Embassy, to express their outrage that no institution, that no worldly government, parliament, no vote, has any right to take any person's life".

Our sincerest thanks to Mr. Dominik Dlubala for sending the mp3 link. 

N.B. THERE IS NOW A NEW PETITION FOR THE RELEASE OF MARY WAGNER. A special thank-you to Teofilo of the blog "Vivificat". 

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