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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Polish pro-life court case will resume in March

Przemyslaw Sycz and Jacek Kotula of Fundajca PRO-Right to Life at Court
From Nasz Dziennik on the case of Jacek Kotula and Przemyslaw Sycz, who are defending themselves from criminal and civil charges being brought by the Pro-Familia hospital that performs abortions in Poland. The two defendants are being sued for exposing the truth about this hospital.

[Updated: 2:20 p.m.] From Mr. Przemyslaw Sycz: 

"we thank everyone for their prayers. Entering the court, I had the feeling that Mary Wagner was with us with her thoughts and prayers. Many people were at home praying for us, and well over a dozen at the court house. The next hearing will be March 3rd".  

From Nasz Dziennik:

The District Court in Rzeszów concluded today's hearing of the pro-lifers accused by the hospital Pro-Familia. Before the cours testimony was given by Agata Rejman, a midwife, the  head of the Foundation PRO - "Prawo do Zycia" [Right to Life],  Mariusz Dzierżawski.

At the request of the hospital, Pro-Familia, evidence was excluded from the public, therefore, any particulars of the hearing, cannot be told. On the other hand, it can be said that the hospital Pro-Familia is pursuing the chasing defenders of life, with the full legal and procedural processes of both the Criminal Procedure Art. 212 of the Criminal Code, as well as civil proceedings,said after the courtroom attorney, George Kwasniewski  after leaving the courtroom. Defendants, Przemyslaw Sycz and Jacek Kotula, members of the Foundation PRO - Right to Life, said that the court has not yet completed the hearing of witnesses. 

Agata Rejman, a midwife, testified today that she was coerced by the hospital authorities Pro-Familia, to participate in an abortion; as well as the head of the Foundation PRO - Right to Life Mariusz Dzierżawski. Rejman told the judge in detail about he abortion,  while Dzierżawski answered questions related to his foundation.  "We are front line fighters to defend the life of unborn children in Poland; someone has finally say "enough abortion."Human life begins at conception. We appeal to all those who raise a hand for innocent children and try to convince others that they do it out of love for the child and the mother, so they  not hypocrites and turn",  he said in an interview with Nasz Dziennik's, Jacek Kotula. "To date, we have had nine litigations, which attempted to prevent us from speaking and showing the truth about abortion, all of which we won. I hope that this time the trial before the courts in Rzeszow also end with the victory of truth and freedom", concluded  Dzierżawski.

(Translation: Barona)

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