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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Protect the Children: Movie Review of "Into the Woods"

If anyone was curious about the most recent Disney movie "Into the Woods", here's a review by Dr. Taylor Marshall.   Considering the movie is from Disney, I should have known something would have been "hidden" in the movie to reflect the worldly narrative of "find your truth and do what is right for you".  It was a movie I was planning on seeing, but since I don't have to see it for any review of my own, I personally will pass.

Into the Woods: A Dad's Critical Review

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Freyr said...

Disney has been bowdlerizing, raping and perverting culture for a generation. The equation "Disney=child friendly" has never been true. However this particular property started out as a fairly adult oriented Sondheim musical. It took me five minutes of surfing to find that out. The father's naivete is amazing.