Sunday 11 January 2015

Mary Wagner: "Her voice is just a sign of freedom..." ~ A bishop speaks in her defense

H. E. Bishop Henryk Tomasik of Radom 
It is reported in Niedziela ("Sunday"), that His Excellency, Bishop Henryk Tomasik of Radom, Poland, in a wide ranging interview on world issues with "Radio Plus Radom", concluded his remarks with a most strong defense of Mary Wagner. 

The bishop said: "Her voice is just a sign of freedom. She harms no one, only demonstrating her belief; drawing attention to the value of human life". 

This is the first - that we know of - of a bishop coming to the defense of Mary Wagner and her mission for life. May God bless this true Apostle and grant him many years of guiding his flock in Radom. 

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