Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Gilles Mongeau S. J."...first liturgies we had in the church, coincided with celebration of World Pride..." ~ Part 3

A video provided by Joseph Sciambra shows Fr. Gilles Mongeau S.J. admitting that a Mass was held by the dissident homosexual group, All Inclusive Ministries (AIM) that "coincided" with the "celebration" of "World Pride" in Toronto.

At no time does Mongeau distance this Mass from the disgusting "gay pride" parade held in Toronto. Mongeau is also on record as admitting that AIM has its roots in the homosexual groups, Dignity, and AGLO (the Archdiocese of Chicago's pro-homosexual group). 

All Inclusive Ministries promoting "gay pride" 
AIM originally advertised a Mass for the annual, homosexual "gay pride" parade. Such parades, include public nudity, as well as simulated and real perverted sexual acts being committed between men. It was also the initial intention of AIM to have a booth at "World Pride Parade" in Toronto. Such is AIM's adherence to Catholic teaching, isn't it? 

After it was outed that AIM intended to hold a "gay pride" Mass, it was brought to the attention of the Archdiocese. AIM then removed the offending homosexual propaganda and claimed it was not promoting "gay pride" at its Mass. We now know this to be false. 

Having removed the advertisement and promotion of the "gay pride" parade, AIM turned right around and held a "gay pride" Mass anyway, showing there utter contempt for Cardinal Collins. This is disgraceful.

The following video shows Fr. Gilles Mongeau admitting that: 

"one of the first liturgies we had in the church, coincided with the celebration of World Pride in Toronto, a few years ago". [16:26 - 16:38] 

"Celebration", Fr. Mongeau? Are you mad? Are you insane? A "celebration" of what? How can a priest of Jesus Christ speak of homosexuality in this manner? Does Mongeau really believe that the public promotion of homosexuality, that cries to Heaven for vengeance, is something to be celebrated?  

Eafrlier, in the video, as an introduction to this vile "gay" Mass that "coincided" with "the celebration" of "World Pride", Mongeau notes that Cardinal Carter, secretly supported Dignity. Carter has since gone to his eternal reward.

Never does Mongeau admit that Dignity knowingly approves of homosexual activity. Never does Mongeau admit that it was - at the very least - highly dubious of Carter to publicly support Church teaching, but to privately indulge in a "wink-wink, nudge-nudge" attitude towards the blasphemous Dignity Masses. We know that Dignity advocates homosexual activity. This means, in practice, that Dignity supports active homosexuals receiving the Most Holy Eucharist. 

Mongeau does not tell us why Catholic bishops did and do not want DignityNot once does Mongeau speak of perverted sexual acts that are committed by active homosexuals, who are encouraged to remain in their sin by official Dignity statements. 

All of this is an absolute abomination!! 

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Of course.

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This promotion of homosexual "pastoral work" is just deceptive. He accepts all the lies of the pan-sexual revolution but he is careful not to explicitly say so. There is a very skillful avoidance of the fact homosexuality is a grave disorder and sinful. This is just satanic.