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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

BOMBSHELL: Catholic teachers promoting "lifelong communist"and terrorist on Twitter

Angela Davis, the "lifelong communist" and terrorist is now being promoted by the Ontario English Catholic Teacher's Association (OECTA). The  Halton Hills division of OECTA, has seen fit to re-tweet a speech given by the self-admitted "lifelong communist", and supporter of terrorism. Of course, being a communist is considered wonderful by these fellow-travelers. Far be it for OECTA to teach the Faith, to teach sexual purity, to teach what the Church has always taught. 

No, when OECTA is not busy pushing homosexuality and heresy, it is busy promoting a notorious communist and terrorist. 

It is interesting to note that the Russian hero Alexander Solzhenitsyn denounced Davis as a betrayer of victims who suffered behind the Iron Curtain. This, of course, does not concern OECTA in the least. The teacher's union has a vicious, militant, atheistic agenda of promoting a secular world order, with a new false "morality". They are not interested in passing on the Faith (as they do not have it), they are not even interested in passing on a modicum of education. No, they are only interested in turning classrooms into sinister incubators of social corruption and moral perversion.

OECTA: what an interesting list of abominations: heresy, dissent, abortion, contraception, sexual depravity and now communism. Have I forgotten something? 

Yet in all of this there is an ecclesiastical "elephant" in the room. Thomas Cardinal Collins and the Bishops of Ontario.  

Your Eminence, Your Excellencies, 

When are you going to do something? Why are you silent when "Catholic" teachers OPENLY promote homosexuality? Why are you silent when "Catholic" teachers OPENLY promote heresy? 

Are your advisors keeping this information from you? 

Do you know, but are afraid?

What are you afraid of? 

Just what is motivating you to cringe in emasculated silence?  

Cardinal Collins, YOur Excellencies: with the greatest respect for your Offices as Shepherds and Teachers of the Flock given to you by Christ Our Lord to lead to Salvation: why are you silent? Answer us. We await your reply. 

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Jonah said...

It's a simple matter of following the money:


Angela Davis is the protege of Herbert Marcuse of the Frankfurt School. Frankfurt is Germany's, and all of Europe's, banking centre. Germany is the Vatican's cash cow. Small world.