Sunday, 21 May 2017

Does the Association of U.S. Catholic Priests support homosexual activity?

New Ways Ministry is a militant homosexualist organization that supports homosexual activity. What is homosexual activity? I suggest readers visit Joseph Sciambra's excellent website to learn more about the tragedy of the homosexual lifestyle, and learn about the horrible and perverted things men and women do to each other to seek ever illusive love. In truth homosexual people are not "gay", but the saddest of people. Homosexual acts are blasphemous caricatures of the unitive love of the Holy Trinity, whose love is reflected in the Union of Christ and His Church; this, in turn, being reflected in the union between husband and wife.

One then wonders why the Association of US Catholic Priests would endorse such an evil organization? Are these men fools? Are they unaware that New Ways Ministry endorses homosexual behaviour? Or, are they heavily infiltrated with militant homosexuals themselves? Let readers discern. 

I present here a screenshot of various prominent "Catholic" Orders and organizations that are endorse New Ways Ministry. What does this mean? Logically, it means these Orders and organizations support New Ways Ministry in its promoting of homosexual activity. 

Readers will notice the plethora of convents in favour of homosexuality. This then begs the question: are these nuns' "convents" covens of lesbianism? 

One hardly can conceive of pious, sexually normal nuns openly supporting homosexuality. So yes, it would not be unreasonable for readers to conclude these women are lesbians; heavily infiltrated by lesbians, controlled by lesbians. One then wonders why a sexually normal nun would wish to remain in an Order dominated by lesbians.

What of the male religious Orders and organizations? Again, if readers conclude that they are heavily homosexual, controlled by homosexuals, it would be a reasonable set of conclusions. Do you know any pious Catholic priest who supports homosexual activity? Do you know any pious priest who, though not himself a homosexual, supports and excuses homosexuality to the degree that he belongs to an organization that endorses homosexual activity?

Perhaps in some or even many cases it comes down to the upscale, jet-setting lifestyle these Orders and people maintain. Leaving so-called religious life and working in the real world is not what these men and women consider an option. 

"To work I am not able, to beg I am ashamed". Luke 16:3. 

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