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Friday, 13 February 2015

Warsaw: A report from the demonstration of solidarity for Mary Wagner on her birthday

The outstanding "Nasz Dziennik" carries two major reports of yesterday's act of solidarity with Mary Wagner before the Canadian Embassy. This was not a regular 'demonstration". 
The Rosary for the Unborn
Photo: Courtesy Nasz Dziennik
It was something that transcended a mere physical presence, a demonstration; as those present were led in the Rosary by Fr. Piotr Bałtarowicz in the Most Holy Rosary for the Unborn. One could say that that particular Rosary is the Rose in the centre of our Bouquet, which we are adding "roses" to until Ash Wednesday.

What happened yesterday was guided by Divine Providence. Placed in the hands of Our Blessed Mother, we know, with confidence, that we are winning this war with evil. 

The following is an interview with pro-life activist, Przemysław Sycz. 

Q: Izabela Kozłowska: You came from Rzeszow to take part in a rally of solidarity for Mary Wagner, imprisoned since December 2014 for the defense of unborn children ...
Jacek Kotula: "Wake up Canada"!
Photo courtesy: Nasz Dziennik
A: I could not fail to be here. My presence here is support for Mary in her work for the culture of life. In taking part in this rally, I not only show that I sympathize with her, not only show that I support her struggle, but I also express my opposition to the killing of the unborn. This protest is a form of opposition to the imprisoning of those in the pro-life movement, which occurs in Canada. 

Q: Why are you involved in actions against this imprisoned Catholic? 

A: Today Canada, tomorrow Poland. If we passively look at what is going on, we'll give tacit approval to the introduction of such scandalous laws in our own country. It is important to always remember that she is imprisoned only because abortion is seen as "the easy way out." Mary shows that the killing of unborn children is not an option. She gently offers mothers a helping hand and to protect their children from death. 

Q: The case of Mary Wagner's imprisonment has long since gone beyond the borders of Canada. Poland, Germany, Ukraine, and even Russia. In these countries there is admonishment due to the imprisoned Canadian. 

A: The defense of life goes beyond designated borders. It is beyond all divisions and differences. Nationality, sex, race or religion are not important.   Every person has a duty to protect the life of another human being. We fight, for example, to stop human rights violations in China. Meanwhile in Poland, Canada and many Western countries, the law is routinely violated precisely through abortion. We have to defend life everywhere, because it is the most important and universal value. In this struggle against the culture of death we have to support and complement each other. Note that the abortion industry is also working across boundaries. In Canada, abortion is legalized and now they are trying to do the same in Poland. These bad laws are imposed on our citizens through various "cracks", so to speak. For example, the "morning after" Pill, which is an abortifacient. This all comes from the West, where experiments on women and unborn children are on the agenda. 

Q: The opposition to the imprisoned pro-life Canadian shows that the pro-life movement is strong and has solidarity. Is this enough to face the challenges of the modern world?

A: Individual protest is important, but a small group can easily be shouted down, intimidated. If we do not stand in solidarity, if we do not gather strength, the voice of our objections will not be heard. Therefore, there must be even more of us. When our opponents see that the pro-life movement is powerful and reaches beyond the borders of a given country, they will see they face greater resistance to their efforts for coverup and silence. The proponents of the civilization of death depends on fooling and numbing society into not opposing the introduction of various deviations, such as gender ideology. We are speaking about business, behind which stands enormous amounts of money. One of the unaware consequences that goes along with abortion, is the destruction of society through the easier manipulation of human identity. It is such forces conducive to the culture of death that are so disturbing to those who defend the right to life. 

Q: Thank you.

(translation: Barona) 

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