Tuesday 24 February 2015

Ontario's new sexual Education program is based on perverted Gender Ideology and seeks to destroy the souls of innocent children

Gender ideology is more insidious and evil than Marxism. So has written and spoken Fr. Darius Oko, the world's leading expect on this grave evil.  A brief examination of the Appendix of the Ontario Government's (in truth a totalitarian regime) proposed "sexual  education" program reveals that the entire program is based on gender ideology. Such a program is blasphemy because it says that children are to be taught morality contrary to the Gospels. This is blasphemy. 

From a Pastoral Letter from the Polish Bishop's Conference on the Feast of the Holy Family, 2013:

Gender ideology is the result of decades of ideological and cultural transformation, strongly rooted in Marxism and neo-Marxism, promoted through certain elements of the feminist movement, as well as the sexual revolution.
Definitions provided by the Ontario Government 

Recommended Reading:

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