Monday 16 February 2015

Thomas Rosica CSB. - He should resign from the Holy See Press Office

Fr. Thomas Rosica., CSB., - whom this blog and Vox Cantoris have the honour of being "blocked" from his Twitter feed (what "sin" we committed we have no idea)  - has retweeted that an African prelate supports giving Holy Communion to the divorced and civilly remarried (to adulterers).  

St. John Paul the Betrayed? 
The Blessed Columba Marmion - beatified by our sainted Pope John Paul II -  wrote in "Christ, the Life of the Soul", that to knowingly receive Our Blessed Lord in Holy Communion in grave sin makes God out to be a liar. Is Blessed Columba wrong? Was St. Pope John Paul II wrong when he absolutely reaffirmed the doctrine of the Church in Familiaris Consortio that Holy Communion cannot be given to an adulterer? 

One may ask: where does Fr. Rosica stand on the giving of Holy Communion to adulterers? Does he support this African prelate? Catholics may wish to review his most recent public statements about the scandalous and heretical mid-term relatio that came out of Rome last October. 

It seems incongruous that Fr. Rosica is both simultaneously a spokesman for the Holy See Press Office and seemingly promoting via Salt and Light TV employees a heterodox position vis-a-vis the Adulterist party and the Homosexualist Party. His recent weak argument that no one understands natural law, etc. has been demolished by His Excellency Archbishop Henryk Hoser. Fr. Rosica should resign. 

I have news for the Adulterist and Homosexualist Parties: if they think that they can pervert and sway the Polish Hierarchy to their way of thinking they are in for a rude awakening! The Queen of Poland, Our Blessed Lady will never allow her faithful sons to be seduced by the world, the flesh and the devil. May God preserve the Church in Poland from the "itching ear" virus that has caught on in the decadent "West". 

This blog and Vox Cantoris stand for Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church. We refuse to offer a grain of incense to the idol of compromise, we refuse to kneel before sybaritic hedonism that has invaded Holy Matrimony, we refuse to genuflect before perverted sexuality! 

May the Mother of God protect us all!

St. Pope John Paul II, Pope of the Family, pray for us!


Lee said...

You can add my blog to the list of staying faithful, to the long standing, confirmed, True teachings of the Catholic Church.


Unknown said...

He would have made a very effective PR man for a politician. But instead he is working for the Holy See.

Anonymous said...

Rosica and his cohorts in Canada Salt and Light TV. engaged in thinly disguised attacks on no less than the late John Paul 2nd, Benedict 16th and Cardinal Burke. These vile attacks and threats to a blogger for Posting Rosica'a actual postings online is Apostasy-schism in action. In view of his terrible translation of Francis's actual words it is Roisica who should be ousted.

Anonymous said...

Why is Father Rosica seething? He is now doing what Father Gravel did. (May God have mercy on his soul)Me think thou protesteth too much.