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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Mary Wagner's trial is set for April 16th

Jane Wagner's Two Roses for Mary
One was Linda's, and the other mine; we give them with love to Jane

Mary Wagner, Our Lord's humble handmaid and our dear sister appeared in Court today. Mary, in absolute solidarity with those who have no voice, remained silent. 

The hearing, which commenced at 1:30, lasted about 10 minutes. The female attorney, representing the Crown, asked the Judge that the court be emptied of Mary's supporters (armed with Rosaries and white roses). The Judge asked this woman where it was in the Criminal Code that the court had to be emptied. She could not reply. Mary's supporters remained. The Judge set the trial for April 16th, 10 a.m. in Rm 508. 

Jane Wagner's Two Roses for Mary 

Mary smiled and acknowledged her supporters! When she sat, they sat, when she stood, they stood. About 35 supporters turned up, a solid majority being connected to the vibrant Polish Catholic community. I overheard two women in the morning praying the Rosary, and then, upon completion, the Divine Mercy. A bit later, I noticed another devout lady petitioning Our Blessed Mother.  

Dear friends: Do you love Christ and His Holy Mother? Do you love Mary Wagner? 

Then show your love in action: pledge a Rosary for the unborn, which will go towards Mary's birthday gift, "A Rosary Bouquet for the Unborn". Already well over 300 Rosaries have been said. You have until tomorrow at 12 p.m. I will be visiting Mary and taking her the results of the Bouquet that is pouring in from all over the world! 

Please visit this Page to join; OR email us at: 

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