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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Voris, Vox and the Vatican: Renew America's Tom O'Toole's take on Fr. Thomas Rosica's CSB, lawsuit against Mr. David Domet

From Renew America.

When Michael Voris speaks, orthodox Catholics usually listen, and as one of the "Voris chorus," I know that when two of his talks appear on the same topic in the space of days, it's not only something worth listening to, but worth writing about. In this case, Michael spoke about the absurd (and possibly scary) situation of rogue Vatican spokesman, Father Thomas Rosica's, threatened lawsuit against traditionalist Catholic Canadian blogger, David Anthony Domet. Although Domet's blog, Vox Cantoris, merely reported the truth about Rosica's highly heterodox statements and tweets, the priest's lawyers are threatening to sue Domet for Catholic defamation of character. And, as if there are not already enough questionable Catholic characters in this story, Voris alludes to another one who may soon have to enter it, which has the thinking faithful singing, "Say it ain't so, Pope Francis!"

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