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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

ORTHODOX CHURCH SEX SCANDAL: Bishop resigns due to sodomy, orgies and rape

From Radio Free Europe on the shocking resignation of a bishop:

The Serbian Orthodox Church has approved the resignation of a powerful cleric amid sex-scandal claims that culminated this week with the publication of a graphic video appearing to show him engaged in sexual activity with young men. 

Vasilije Kacavenda, the bishop of Tuzla and Zvornik in Bosnia-Herzegovina, retreated from his clerical duties months ago as allegations mounted that he had used his position for years to stage frequent orgies and rape underage boys and girls.

But the April 22 decision by the Holy Synod to accept his resignation appears to be the first acknowledgment of the church’s growing unease with the crush of lurid accusations that seem better suited to Caligula’s court than an Orthodox diocese.

Let us see if the regular western, secular press reports this - or are only tales of lurid sexual perversions proclaimed from the rooftops when involving Catholic priests. But this incident does tell us something: the "gay mafia" has obviously also infiltrated into Orthodoxy as well - and into the very hierarchy. Let us not forget, that the path of homosexual infiltration follows after communist infiltration. It remains to be seen how the Orthodox will deal with it; much will depend on the degree of purgation of communist agents within the clergy and hierarchy. Let us pray for our Orthodox brothers and sisters, that this evil, this scourge will leave their midst. 

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