Wednesday 10 April 2013

ABOMINATION IN THE SANCTUARY: St. Michael's Cathedral profaned with dancing woman!

 An undulating, dancing woman in a tight, sleeveless gown. 

The venue? A nightclub, a cabaret?  

NO,  St. Michael's Cathedral, Toronto, Ontario
May 19th, 2011

For full details, please see Vox Cantoris

Contact information: [N.B. when contacting the Archbishop, please do not settle for a reply from a layman. As a Catholic, you have a canonical right to make your concerns known to your local Ordinary. He, for his part, is obligated to reply to you on so serious a matter. Please be polite, respectful, but firm]. 

Apostolic Nuncio to Canada
His Excellency Pedro L√≥pez Quintana
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The Archbishop of Toronto

His Eminence Thomas Cardinal Collins
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Toronto, Ontario
M4T 1W2
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Pascendi said...

Abomination of desolation!

Anonymous said...

You know a church is no longer a house of prayer when pop concerts take place there. Sad.