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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Catholic Register gives glowing review of neo-pagan Missa Gaia concert

Neo-pagan Missa Gaia being performed in the Sanctuary
of Holy Name Church - Toronto. 
Photo courtesy The Catholic Register
You have to have something to believe in and this is it.” So said the young student from Cardinal Carter Academy of the Arts about the pantheistic Missa Gaia, performed - contrary to canon law - (cf. 1210) on April 13, 2013 in Holy Name church, Toronto. 

How tragic that a young student at a Catholic school believes that a work inspired by pantheism is something to believed in. 

A glowing review of this travesty may be read in its entirety in the official archdiocesan newspaper, The Catholic Register. The reviewer, Michael Swan completely ignores the genesis of this piece of music, its pantheism.... what might this say about this journalist's grasp of the Faith?

As Vox Cantoris has documented - Missa Gaia is openly contrary to the Catholic Faith and has absolutely no business being performed in a Catholic Church. In fact, to do so is sacrilege. 


TH2 said...

Good coverage, B.

The reason why the heretic Swan gave positive coverage to that vulgar pagan-fest is because Vox's original report was widely disseminated, on aggregators and on one popular blog, which comes to mind. Vox did some damage to the TO Archdiocese. To a high probability, cartwheels in the hallways at the chancery office ensued.

Go Vox!

Thusly, the Catholic Register, mouthpiece of TOArchD, had to retaliate. And who better do it, who more eager to do it, than CR's Associate Editor.

Anonymous said...

Say, did anyone manage to record the concert? Is there a program or transcript available of the lyrics?