Sunday 21 April 2013

A Scotsman speaks: When is the Scottish Hierarchy going to tell the truth about the "gay mafia" and stop the coverup?

As a Catholic Scot from Motherwell, I am deeply grieved about the moral crimes committed by priests and members of the hierarchy. I am profoundly concerned about Fr. Matthew Despard and the need for us to continue to support him. Let us not lower our guard, nor think the fight is over, just because we have heard that the diocesan officials are presently backing off from suspending him. Do we really think that - in the long term - they are going to let him out of their sights? However, suspension involves serous canonical reasons (e.g. a priest violating the sixth commandment, such as Fr. Paul Milarvie's homosexual incident, would constitute grounds for suspension).  As such, Motherwell knows full well that any suspension of Fr. Despard would invariably lead to a complete investigation into the ongoing sexual depravity amongst the clergy, and the ongoing coverup and denial that evil is afoot. Motherwell may decide to try to silence and isolate Fr. Despard. If so, let another brave priest come forward, may the laity come forward to expose this evil! 

Further, any attempted suspension, imposed by Bishop Devine, would only be (canonically speaking) the "first instance"; an appeal to Rome would further blow the "gay mafia" conspiracy wide open. Be warned: Catholics will no longer be silenced by the hierarchy when evil abounds. I can inform you, based on my contacts, that Fr. Despard has overwhelming support amongst Catholics, and other Christians in Scotland. Slandering Fr. Despard from the pulpit will not work either!

What hurts me, perhaps even more than the sins committed, is when I see no change, no true repentance, no return to purity and sanctity. The attempt to intimidate Fr. Despard is the most recent case in point. If Motherwell was serious, they would investigate the charges in Fr. Despard's book using outside investigators to ensure transparency and no coverup. The excellent blog, Philothea on Fire (Jay Boyd), carries a very complete and thoughtful review of his book, Priesthood in Crisis. 

I am not saying that there are no longer any holy priests in Scotland. There are, no doubt. But - and we have to be honest - right now, in the local church, there are evil priests who have blasphemed Our Lord and defamed our Blessed Mother through their grotesque sexual immorality. The Church in Scotland is certainly very different from the days when the holy and venerable Canon Taylor walked this earth. Can we imagine how the holy Canon would react if informed that priests and hierarchy were involved in committing perverted sexual acts - and/or covering them up? 

For those who think I am over reacting I will leave you with three images to ponder. The first two are from Motherwell - the diocese still has up a photo of Cardinal O'Brien. They continue to keep it up even though the whole world knows that this man disgraced the priesthood, sullied his soul and profaned the local Scottish Church. How much damage O'Brien has done to the Church! One would think, after this admission to gross immorality, the Diocese of Motherwell would see that this man is not fit to display on its website. But, no... there he is, laughing with children. This is an absolute disgrace. This tells me that the diocese has not taken seriously his horrible crime against - not only his own soul - but the sacred priesthood. 

Cardinal O' Brien on Motherwell website
Screenshot taken: Sunday, April 21, 2013

Second screenshot from Motherwell Diocese

The third image is from a website called Priests for Scotland. Some of you may know of the sordid and tragic case of Paul Milarvie, the former rector of the Scottish College in Rome; who, in 2010, was caught out in a drunken homosexual incident with "another man" (the details seem to imply the other man was a priest, but the church never officially declared on this though the "other man" was sent, along with Milarvie, for psychological counseling). Was Milarvie defrocked, even suspended for this grotesque spiritual crime? As I have documented, he was promoted and is presently in a position of authority in the Archdiocese of Glasgow as a member of the curia. Now, in a brief search on the web, I find this man dispensing "advise" to those who may be considering the priesthood! Absolutely repugnant! What is going on in the Church in Scotland? How can this be? Is there some sort of diabolical disorientation to allow such things that so obviously should be unthinkable?

"Priests for Scotland" with Paul Milarvie "quotes"

Fr. Despard is correct: there is a "powerful gay mafia" and a sect of enablers who are covering up, disgracing the priesthood in Scotland. It is delusional to believe otherwise. Cardinal O' Brien and Fr. Milarvie cases are facts, undeniable. And the reaction to these two undeniable spiritual crimes proves the depravity and depth of spiritual corruption.

Pray, please pray for Scotland, that God may purify my motherland and bring her back to the Faith. St. John Ogilvie, pray for us. 


Freyr said...

Unless you are somehow implying that this homosexual clerical underground in Scotland is somehow connected to the cosa nostra in Sicily, I suggest you might want to find some other way to describe it. The phrase "gay mafia" just sounds grotesque to a Sicilian.

St. Lawrence of Brindisi pray for us.

Concerned Motherwell Catholic said...

What a ridiculous article this is. You clearly don't know many Scottish priests. A gay mafia ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

You know when you become priest you take a vow of celibacy so these men are breaking the vow should be defrocked end of