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Sunday, 10 June 2012


In the latest SSPX development, a continuing rift between SSPX Superior Bishop Fellay and the renegade Richard Williamson continues to widen. Williamson, in his June 9, 2012 Kyrie Eleison post concludes with the following - a conclusion that is inimical to the recent interview given by Bishop Fellay. Whereas, Bishop Fellay wishes to work within the one Holy Catholic Church - made up, yes, of frail and broken men - Richard Williamson wishes to reduce the Pope a priori to being "anti-Traditional" and "subjectivist"... in essence, arguing for a perfect Church before returning... ah, how protestant - have we not heard such arguments before from Luther et al? 

Williamson writes: 

... One wonders how some of his sons can now be wanting to put themselves “under obedience to modernist Rome which remains fundamentally anti-Traditional”, or, under a subjectivist Pope who has no possible understanding of objective Catholic Tradition. Such is the power of seduction, increasing all the time, of the subjectivist world around us. The madness of subjectivism has become so normal, so widespread, that few people notice it any longer. “Our help is in the name of the Lord.”
The full Kyrie Eleison post may be read here


1917 said...

In 'charity', the truth of the matter is that B Williamson is nothing like Luther who wanted to water down the Blessed Trinity, the Holy Eucharist, etc... Oh wait a minute, that's what's been happening for the last 40-50 years!!! The New Order 'service' with nuns and 'ministers' giving out communion without consecrated hands means the Holy Eucharist is no longer a sacred sacrament. We're not talking about frail and broken men, we're talking about people who don't want Catholics to be Catholic. You will accept the move forward to ecumenical agreements, but not tradition. Everything is acceptable except what the church has taught for 2000 years.

In true charity, this is the truth

Floreat said...

B Williamson could perhaps be compared to Luther, Calvin et al in the mistaken belief that he is the obiter dicta on faith and doctrine....perhaps in his infelicitous associations with those who could reasonably be termed 'anti-Catholic"....and, perhaps, in his pride and disobedience on matters which do not touch upon the faith.

If the fruits of a tree are division, calumny, detraction and strife, then the tree is bad.