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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Catholic School Success Story

Well, at least someone is doing it right. Any who have spoken to me on the subject know that my opinions on Catholic schools were formed in a much different environment than the one which prevails here in Ontario. I attended Catholic school up until 4th grade when my parents moved and could not afford the tuition any longer. I was educated by Dominican nuns in full habit and the transition to public school was quite traumatic.

My exposure to the separate school system in this country was somewhat confusing. To be sure, these were not the schools of my youth. Over the years I have had children in the separate school system and have had an opportunity to do some thinking about their nature. It seems to me that the system has several flaws. Lack of parental involvement, lack of direct episcopal oversight and the difficulties attendant upon public funding seem to the the chief of these flaws. Money does not come without strings attached as we have all come to realize.

Indiana has just introduced a voucher system for education and one of the first schools to apply was St. Stanislaus Catholic School. According to this Wall Street Journal article they seem to be doing rather well. Check it out.

Vouchers Breathe New Life Into Shrinking Catholic Schools

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