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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Are dioceses becoming corporations?

This post is a question rather than an answer. In the midst of drafting a post on bishops, I keep asking myself the question: has the modern diocese ceased to reflect the bishop- presbyter - faithful paradigm of the ancient Church, and even the more recent Church (e.g. the approach of Bishops such as de Sales and Woytila) to most dioceses becoming a not-for-profit corporate entity? 

I shall post on my impressions of the Archdiocese of Toronto, but if I were to decide this moment, I would say that the archdiocese has more of the feel of a corporation than a local church...

I do hope, in time, to perhaps nuance and determine my answer. But, alas, my personal experiences suggest that this huge, teeming, lay-employee burdened entity seems not so much a church, as a soi-dissant "charity". More to follow...    

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