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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Not Again!

For some of you this story will have a deja vu feel to it. A judge has ruled that Canada's law prohibiting doctor assisted suicide was unconstitutional and struck it down. This is after a Supreme Court of Canada ruling some 20 years ago which supported the law in a similar case. Here's the kicker... She ordered that the declaration of invalidity of the law be suspended for one year to give Parliament a chance to draft new legislation. Does anyone remember Parliament scrambling to revise the law on abortion when that one was struck down? I thought not. It seems we have a dangerous situation here in Canada. We have a Parliament whose cowardice in the face of activist judges is legendary. Moreover venue shopping for sympathetic judges means a group wishing to change the law only has to keep plugging until one judge flips. This seems to be a gigantic loophole in Canadian law. Would someone please close it!

B.C. judge rules law banning doctor-assisted suicide unconstitutional

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