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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Rome-SSPX: Plot and counterplot...

Andrea Tornielli from Vatican Insider reports on the latest news on the Rome-SSPX negotiations. Significantly, he draws in the most recent public comments of Bishop Fellay (given at an Ordination Mass this week in Econe) that certain elements in the Curial wish to change the Doctrinal Preamble to an earlier version that is unacceptable to Bishop Fellay. This, contends Tornielli, is also contrary to the wishes of the Pope. 

The homily, about half an hour, can be heard at this link, the passage devoted to relations with Rome is around minute 21.50. "I rightly ask: how are things with Rome?" The Lefebvrian Superior  added: "At the moment things are at a standstill."

The Tornielli article may be read here. The DICI audio file of Bishop Fellay's sermon may be listened to here.  

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