Tuesday, 6 March 2012

OECTA is NOT Catholic (in THEIR own words!)

Does OECTA really adhere to the Church's Magisterium? (Oh, and what about the poster below from 2006 featuring the dissident ex-priest Gregory Baum?  "Loyal"... "Faithful Catholics" ? - dear, dear...). 

2006 "Catholic Teachers" Conference with Gregory Baum

So that there can be no confusion as to what OECTA officially stands for, I will quote directly from the document "Equity Report -Final" on two profoundly important issues relating to the Catholic Faith. One that attacks the sacred priesthood, hence the sacramental economy; the other, the overthrowing of sexual ethics. The 1997 document received recent impetus from OECTA in a TSU Committee Annual Report (2008) on strategies for continued implementation. Loyalty? Faithfulness? Dear readers, you be the judge.

1. OECTA supports implicitly the "ordination" of women to the sacramental priesthood. This being contrary to the Magisterium.

"The role of the Catholic Church's teaching on the denial of priestly ordination to women which continues to reinforce sexist divisions in the Catholic Church, and its continued insistence on exclusively male language for God, acts as a significant brake on efforts to combat sexism in the Catholic school. Teachers and students, already socialised into sexism within society, operate within the environment of the Catholic school where religion reinforces rather than challenges systemic and individual sexism. The religious teaching and exercises of the Catholic school are held to be the highest expression of its raison d'etre. How can the school curriculum (seven sacraments for men, six for women), language (God is only and at all times addressed as Father), imagery (statues and pictures of God as male) and the central ritual of Eucharist (led only by a male priest) not promote, at the very centre of its most cherished values, that God is male and therefore male is God? ...As educated Catholic laity, teachers must take the risk to be proactive in using inclusive language and in exposing and challenging the sexism and stereotyping that emanate from Church sources".

2. OECTA implicitly supports active homosexual relationships. This being contrary to the Magisterium.

"All homosexual sex is categorized as sinful by the Catholic Church. This has a number of ramifications in the lives of Catholic gays and lesbians. It means that life-long chastity is the only way of life imposed on gay or lesbian Catholics, unlike heterosexuals, who always have the option of marriage. This in and of itself places an enormous burden on gay and lesbian youth and adults. In a heterosexist society, adjustment to a gay or lesbian identity presents major hurdles. For the Catholic, the issue of remaining eternally celibate presents an additional burden...
...Gay and lesbian teachers want to present a positive role model of adjustment and pride in their sexual orientation for the sake of both gay and straight students. But because official spokespersons for the Catholic Church constantly thrust the question of illicit lifestyle into any discussion of sexual orientation, coming out as a gay or lesbian teacher or student in a Catholic school is fraught with difficulties unimagined by heterosexual peers". 
"Report on Equity 1997"; Employment Equity Task Force/Affirmative Action committee, Toronto Secondary Unit, OECTA            

All referenced OECTA documentation can be downloaded here.

A very interesting essay on Gregory Baum by Msgr. Fenton can be read here.


Freyr said...

Why are we giving OECTA free advertising? I rather doubt anyone reading this has any illusions about OECTA's orthodoxy.

Barona said...

Sadly, I think - until the last year or so with the advent of the GSA business - a lot of people thought they were Catholic because of the word.

They may not be orthodox, but they are - literally - creating a hell of an amount of damage amongst school children.

If only the worst situation was the use of rap and other barbaric practices in school... one could perhaps forgive them the lack of taste and inability to discern Schubert from a sherbet.

Barona said...

Fear not dear readers, though OECTA has removed the document from their website (why if they have done nothing wrong?) we downloaded and have copies of everything we quote from.