Sunday, 18 March 2012

Pope Benedict defends Sexual Morality against the Totalitarianism of Relativism

Pope Benedict has called on the American bishops, during an ad limina visit, to rigorously defend marriage, chastity and a correct understanding of sexuality.  The Pope said that we have a  "crisis of marriage and the family, and, more generally, of the Christian vision of human sexuality".The Pope concludes with a grave admonition regarding the education of children in Christian morality:

"Let me conclude by recalling that all our efforts in this area are ultimately concerned with the good of children, who have a fundamental right to grow up with a healthy understanding of sexuality and its proper place in human relationships. Children are the greatest treasure and the future of every society: truly caring for them means recognizing our responsibility to teach, defend and live the moral virtues which are the key to human fulfillment".

In practical terms we see this here in Canada: the State attempting to redefine marriage, the State (again) passing legislation creating an immature sexual "ethic" (e.g. wide-spread "legal" pornography, "swingers" clubs etc.). Contrast the Pope and the bishops teachings with the leadership of the Ontario Catholic English Teachers Association (in reality, not so much a professional association, but an Ontario Federation of Labour affiliated activist union) that consistently contradicts Church teaching.  OECTA President, Kevin O'Dwyer on his blog even decries those who oppose the OECTA leadership's position on GSA's as holding "ultra-right wing Christian perspectives".  He has recently stated that the Bishops of Ontario are "ignorant"...  It is a tragedy to see once Catholic organizations siding with an all powerful State imposing a new form of relativistic morality. There is no no longer even "tolerance" - but a demand for conformity, an intolerance of tolerance. This is fascism.

"The Fascist State... takes over all the forms of the moral and intellectual life of man. . .  it saturates the will as well as the intelligence. Fascism, in short, is not only the giver of laws and the founder of institutions, but the educator and promoter of spiritual life. It wants to remake, not the forms of human life, but its content, man, character, faith. And to this end it requires discipline and authority that can enter into the spirits of men and there govern unopposed". (Mussolini). 


Freyr said...

Bloggers say far more about themselves in these things than anything else. There are a legion of groups and organizations that call themselves Catholic and dissent from Church teaching. Why OECTA? I rather doubt anyone from OECTA is actually reading this. As for me, I don't like OECTA much either but I'm not about to jump on this particular bandwagon.

Barona said...

OECTA - alas - is in my neck of the woods; as is CNWE etc. - again, alas. OECTA is also making a bit of news; dissenting openly from the bishops. They are implicitly claiming that the bishops are not the authentic teachers on faith and morals (when united to the Supreme Pontiff).

Freyr said...

A teachers union that doesn't recognize any teacher that doesn't belong to the union? Well, at least they're being consistent. One must be consistent you know...
**backs slowly away smiling**