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Monday, March 26, 2012

Pope Benedict's Apostolic Journey: Cuba, Castro and the New Evangelization

Within hours, Pope Benedict will be touching down in Cuba to continue the evangelization begun in earnest by Bl. Pope John Paul II. Let us pray that the Castro brothers come to not only realize that the Church is of great benefit to Cuba as a nation and the Cuban people; but also offers the true and human alternative to unbridled consumerism and capitalism. Marxism, as the late Pope identified, is a contradiction in itself, it collapses due to inherent weaknesses.

Now is the time for a new evangelization on this tiny island nation. The time is now for the Castro brothers to return to Holy Mother Church. The propitious moment has come. Pray, pray for Cuba.

Pope John Paul and Fidel Castro: The time has come for the New Evangelization 

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